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Christmas Help In Cleveland, Ohio

georgebailey started this conversation
My family and I would be truly thankful to help someone out in the Cleveland, Ohio area this Christmas. We have been there before, and we know what a challenge this time of year can be for families struggling to make ends meet. We all can use a little help now and again….no shame in that. If there is someone in our area that can use a little help, we would be honored to provide what we can.
Just know there are people out there who care. From someone who has been there….it does get better. If we can help in our small part, just drop us a line at Happy Holidays from our family to yours.
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sherlie   in reply to woman in a shoe
Can u pls tell me some of them I can't see them
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woman in a shoe   in reply to sherlie
Hi look though today post u will see a list of places that helps with Christmas
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Hi my name is Sherlie I am a mom of five kids and would really like help for Christmas I live in the westside Cleveland. I am a single mom no income.
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gatortuff   in reply to sharrie7s
there is also a program called pet food stamps you can apply at you get petfood,treats and toys hope this helps
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sharrie7s   in reply to linz77
If you contact petsmart they should have the info/brochure intheir store about a local charity that can help by giving you free pet food. I cant remember name of the charity but think it was in North Olmsted. Good luck
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sharrie7s   in reply to linz77
I know there is a place on clevelands west side that helps families who cant afford pet food for their animals.
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linz77   in reply to woman in a shoe
Im by 65th an lorain... in-between lorain an detroit
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woman in a shoe   in reply to linz77
Where do u live at me mi
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Hello my name is LINDSEY, I live on the westside an could really use some help for xmas. My husband and I were both recently laided off. Thankfully we have no kids yet as were trying. But we do have a precious little 1yr. Old puppy. With just being able to pay the rent an keep the heat on, we've been struggling to feed the puppy an ourselves. If there's anyone that can help please let me know... godbless
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Adamaaa0330   in reply to family in need of a christmas
I have a 5 year old son and I have noway to get him anything for christmas... I've lost everything I have because of his mothers drug use... If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it... My name is adam.... Two one six three nine nine eight nine eight nine....
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Dj sha   in reply to Mamakat2
You should edit and delete your phone number as it is public to everyone who comes on
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My family really needs help this Christmas. My hubby lost his job and we have no gifts yet. Girl 15 special needs also. Boy 5. Some one please help us.
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Mamakat2   in reply to RR40
No no one has yet. Thank you Kathlena
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Mamakat2   in reply to Oatis27
If you can help me please give a call at (216) two three five-seven three nine one.Thank you Kathlena.
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Mamakat2   in reply to Oatis27
Yes I'm on the west side of cleveland. Thank you
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Oatis27   in reply to Mamakat2
I can possibly help you out this Christmas. I too have a 3 year old little girl! Are you located in Cleveland.
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My family is currently in searxh of Christmas help. I feel it is a miracle to have come across this page this morning! I live in Lakewood,Oh. I have 2 children. My son is 5 years young and has a severe form of cerebral palsy. His contagious smile speaks a million words. My sweet daughter is 2 years young and is the most patient, caring and loving little girl. We have currently fallen into a sudden finacial hardship within the past couple weeks and are asking for Christmas help. I recently split the childrens father and he then lost his job. This stopped my child support and although I have reported finacial changes to SSI he will not receive an increase in benefits until Feb.2014. Currently he receivezs $178 and $130 went to my car insurance. This is the first year Iv ever had to ask for help, we are usually the family that is sponsering kiddos at Christmas time. I missed the deadline for Toys for Tots and have emailed 2 churches but not received a response back. My sweet little boy requires 24/7 around clock care from myself. I am sick just thinking about this. I promise should someone hy Hods good grace help my family I will pay it forward! thankyou.
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MBHW   in reply to beenthere b4 2
Thanks so much. It is a struggle and thank you for the prayers, much appreciated. As for ideas, he is in need of 'cool' hats, gloves and scarf; he walks about 1 mile to and from school, so anything for warmth. As for 'want' ideas, he likes all things teen --- music (i-tune?), fashion, going out to eat, hanging with friends etc. Much easier when they were younger! Any help is bound to make his smile, large and mood, jubilant!
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beenthere b4 2
Is anyone in need of Christmas decorations? I have inherited way too many and would like to share with someone who may need them. Please let me know. Im a westsider.
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beenthere b4 2   in reply to MBHW
What ideas do you have on what might help? Let me know and if I can help I would love to! I come from a long line of depression within my family and have 2 grown chdren who havehad past similar situations and both have been hospitalized for it in the past. Hang in there, I will pray for your son to get better. I live on west side so let me know if I can help.
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