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Christmas Help In Cleveland, Ohio

georgebailey started this conversation
My family and I would be truly thankful to help someone out in the Cleveland, Ohio area this Christmas. We have been there before, and we know what a challenge this time of year can be for families struggling to make ends meet. We all can use a little help now and again….no shame in that. If there is someone in our area that can use a little help, we would be honored to provide what we can.
Just know there are people out there who care. From someone who has been there….it does get better. If we can help in our small part, just drop us a line at Happy Holidays from our family to yours.
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my family really could use the help..I am a single parent of 4 and this year has been a struggle
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littlelacie   in reply to Retia
This is the list of places that help at Christmastime.Salvation Army,Toys for Tots,St.Vincent DePaul Catholic Charities,United Way.Some police and fire halls help so call them late November.Some churches help so first November call them.Some radio stations help call end November,listen to FM.The ones down here you got to see if they are in your city.Call city hall or go online and find out. Goodfellows, Lions Club.This one is for kids whose father or mother is in prison or jail,Angel Tree,which is through Salvation Army. Check with your city Rescue Mission Ministries.They also help with Thanksgiving and Christmas food.On internet type in Christmas help,then your city,state, (or county,state if nothing shows up on city,state). You will then see a list of places in your area that are helping with Christmas this year. Woman in a Shoe will add more if she finds anything.
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Hi am a mother of 4 with a 8 year old with ADHD and I have Ben going threw so much trying to find a place to stay but took anything so me and my kids to get off the street they no Christmas is coming they see the toys on TV and they want everything I don't have the money to do it am a mother that get sis and welfare it's just no money to try and even try to save for holiday thanks for listen
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Dj sha   in reply to momof2plzhelp
Call the main location in the morning because they have a last minute giveaway for people who missed the sign ups and it's going to be tomorrow or Tuesday usually down by the steelyard, I lived in Cleveland until 3 years ago and I know they did it last year I have friends that went. Also if you have a facebook page go to Help a Stranger, Make a friend :-)(Lkwd/Cle area)
this is a page where you can request a need, haven't seen anything there as far as new gifts but people give things away and if you need something for your kids someone may just have it to give. Last year I droped things off Christmas Eve to a family and this year I am struggling myself. Hope this info helps
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momof2plzhelp   in reply to momof2plzhelp
Sorry I don't know it says anger lol it was suppose to say and
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momof2plzhelp   in reply to Dj sha
Thank you I'm going to call then and I call the toys for tots anger they told me I'm too late for the sign but again thank you appreciate the info like I said anything helps
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Dj sha   in reply to momof2plzhelp
Skeetz Bar on E.93rd gives out presents you should call and find out because I know they do it every year Christmas Eve or the Day before also try calling the brookpark location for Toys for Tots they may help you
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Hi my name is Amanda I'm in the Cleveland area I have two amazing children I'm in 2nd of help with Xmas I recieve disability and I have rent paid so it left me with no money fort gifts if you can help people that would be amazing I've tried everything from churches 211 I even wrote fox 8 and action19 news and they can't help I just got a tree today that some one was putting in the trash I really need help I've got nothing to give them on Xmas morning if you would help that would be amazing
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My Name Is Benickwa and i live in cleveland ohio. i have a daughter that is two.its just use and i would love to get help from someone. If not thanks anyways
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sarah Gordon 216
I live in Cleveland Ohio and have a 3 yr old that has cystic fibrosis and a 2 yr old girl also I didn't have Christmas last yr and this yr i want some kind of Christmas for them they deserve it my v3 yr old daughter phoenix is a blessing...
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Hello my name is Ivy my family has fallen on extremely hard times my husband recently lost his job & we have none to turn to for our children if you can help ou family out we would be more than grateful...thank you Ivy..
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Hi my name is Ivy,my family & I have fallen on extremely hard times this year & we don't no where to turn for help....this is really hard to ask for help but we really do need it,if anyone could help our family out we would be so grateful...thank you
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littlelacie   in reply to lynngobel
Hi, Woman in a shoe is off today. I posted the list already today, about 4 hours ago.It is just 2 hours before you posted, so just go back its there. She will back on Monday.
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lynngobel   in reply to woman in a shoe
Can please get the list of places that helps with Christmas for kids
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Help1973   in reply to angrich93
Pray and make sure u pray all time
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angrich93   in reply to woman in a shoe
thanks I havent had any luck yet but I have been looking and applying!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to angrich93
Hi the person posted to not been for some years now but i putting the list up of the resources that help at Christmas time in a little better it a public post
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hi george, if you havent found a family yet I surelly could use your help! contact me and I will tell you about my family and the circumstances of my situation and why i am in need!
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I am in Ashtabula and I am a single mother that has 6 year old twins, and a 5 year old that I had to give custody to my aunt when I became ill. I am still waiting after 4 years for social security and my family could use help during this holiday season.
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sherlie   in reply to woman in a shoe
Can u pls tell me some of them I can't see them
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